Hodari Fine Foods

Your one-stop premier food product sales and distribution company.

Servicing the Hospitality, Catering and Retail sectors

Hodari Fine Foods provides a comprehensive and responsive distribution service, catering for the needs of establishments and businesses throughout KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

Our sales agents work directly with your management and purchasing teams, to ensure each
order is accurately placed and delivered on time.

Hodari Fine Foods adheres to global health and safety standards.

A professional service

A personal relationship

Good service – of course – starts with relationships. That’s why, at Hodari Fine Foods, your establishment isn’t simply assigned a client number and a duty roster. Instead, our sales agents work closely with your management and purchasing teams, to create tailored delivery schedules and item lists, that accommodate your establishment’s unique needs.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with our broad supplier base is a key part of our operational approach. Our relationship with you, as a client, takes precedence over everything else. That’s why our sales agents work directly with your team, on a one-on-one basis, to ensure all your needs are met.

How we source products

Our food sourcing process is simple

We only work with the best

Thanks to our supply chain relationships, we’re well equipped to help your establishment reap the benefits of a better profit margin, as we’re able to purchase goods at an attractive price, and eliminate the need for hefty price markups.

By supporting small, local businesses, and larger South African manufacturers and suppliers, our supply chain is ever-evolving, responsive, and reliable.

How we deliver

Delivery when you need it

We always strive to deliver on time, every time!

We create delivery schedules that work for your establishment. Moreover, if your team forgets an item after delivery has taken place, or has a serious question, our backup sales and support services are able to assist, and we will aim to provide a back-up delivery option that works for your establishment.

Our product range

Our extensive product range

Includes 500+ products

A full variety of frozen food items, chilled food products, ambient foodstuffs, and fresh produce.

Shop now

Are you in Catering or Hospitality?

No matter what you need for your guests, we can source it, and supply it, when you need it.

Get in touch with our dedicated Hodari Fine Foods sales agents and register for our B2B Shop. Phone (031) 466 1545 Email sales@hff.co.za

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